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Hope for Teresa

Sometimes life puts in front of you challenges that you would have never thought of encountering.
Her name is Teresa and she is 14 years old.
She is fighting with bravery against a difficult disease but to continue she needs help from everybody.
Teresa will talk about herself with this letter:

“Hi Everyone,
My name is Teresa and I just turned 14.
Until a year ago my life was just like that of any other GIRL my age: school, sports & friends. In May 2022, I realized I had a NODULE IN MY NECK.
Initially, it did not bother me much, but it gradually increased in size, making it difficult for me to swallow.
The removal of the nodule followed soon. It was meant to be an effective surgical treatment. In fact, the result of the histological examination was shocking. The sort of news that nobody would ever want to receive: a malignant cancer aggressive and rare for both location and age.
I have now been fighting a SARCOMA for 6 months, I have gone through cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which prevented me from living the sort of life I had hoped for but, in spite of everything, I faced all treatments with COURAGE and TRUST.
Unfortunately, a couple of months after surgery, the sarcoma has quickly GROWN BACK in the very same location it had been removed from.
My life, the life of my family and the lives of all those who love me have now become a NIGHTMARE.
Everything is complicated by the location of the lump. For the time being, I can still eat, I do it slowly and cautiously.
Further to the latest CT scans and MRIs, the doctors told us that the TREATMENTS HAVE NOT PROVED SUCCESSFUL, that the DISEASE COULD BECOME UNCONTROLLABLE and that THERE ARE NO EFFECTIVE TREATMENTS LEFT for this type of sarcoma here in Padua, or in Italy.
After the initial shock and despair, my parents and relatives decided to REACT, to try anything and everything, so, they eventually found what could be the right centre for me, a state-of-the-art hospital, specialized in the treatment of sarcomas.
Now, our main aim is to really TRY ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, HOPING to hear what unfortunately has not been confirmed in Italy: that there is HOPE, that there is an effective cure I can try, because I am 14 years old, I feel strong and courageous and I do wish to continue studying, to continue with artistic gymnastics, athletics and high jump, that I love so much, to continue LIVING.
However, the new therapies cost a lot.
This is why we rely on the generosity of all those who will be able to contribute with even a small donation, to help us reach an amount allowing us to face all of this, allowing us to still be able to FIGHT.
I THANK YOU so much and I ask you to spread my APPEAL.
I will keep you updated on my situation. I very much HOPE I will be able to follow up with GOOD NEWS soon.


We need everyone’s help to raise the amount necessary to support the medical expenses that will allow Teresa to continue fighting.
Together, small gifts, could bring Teresa to amazing goals.
Together we are stronger.
Do it in any possible way, with a small amount, or sharing this website in order to reach every angle of the world.


The amount of donations exceeding the actual expenses will be donated to foundations working in the research and fight against pediatric sarcoma.

To participate:
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Foreign operations:
IBAN: IT84 I030 6912 1651 0000 0004 151
Registered to: BELLUCO ROBERTO