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What we all hoped for it is happened

Hello everyone, It has been a long time since we pubblished the last update! The last period was very tough and now I’m here to share how our journey is proceeding. Teresa is still in the MD Anderson Cancer Center and she is undergoing the treatement with huge strength, courage and immense awareness. Even away from home, she passed the…

Thanks to All of You, Teresa has eventually left!

Hi EveryOne, First of all, my Family & I would like to express our gratitude, once again, for the immense generosity shown in the case of my daughter Teresa. Thanks to All of You, Teresa has eventually left! The journey to the US was smooth and she is currently undergoing all the necessary testings. I will keep you updated on…

Teresa can truly hope!

Hi EveryOne! The generosity you have shown us has been immense and thanks to all of You, Teresa can truly hope. Teresa has undergone all the necessary medical checks and has now begun a therapy proposed by the MD Anderson in Houston. Now, we are all rooting for her. Stay strong, Teresa!